How to advertise your tutoring business

How to advertise your tutoring business

Advertising is a vital part of running a private tutoring business, as it is a growing market with a lot of competition.

Word of mouth advertising

Generally the most effective form of advertising is word of mouth referrals. To immediately expand your network, contact all of your friends and family and politely tell them about your services. They might not personally need your services but it is very possible that their friends will. Here is an example:

“Hi [name]. I hope all is well. I have recently started tutoring [subject] and was wondering if you could share my number with anyone that may need my services. Thank you!”

If you plan to tutor locally in person, contact nearby schools, libraries as well as other relevant institutions to inform them of your services so that they are able to recommend you.

Once your business is off the ground, excellent customer service will speak for itself and will almost guarantee that the word of mouth referrals continue.

Print advertising

Print advertising refers to all printed marketing materials (like business cards, flyers, brochures, banner ads) in publications such as newspapers and magazines that your ideal client will likely read. These adverts can be effective if they are well designed then strategically distributed.

Start by creating or outsourcing eye-catching business cards, flyers and posters. If you plan to make them yourself, there are a few free, easy-to-use online resources for this exact purpose. Try inject a little bit of your personality into your marketing materials so that they reflect who you are, which helps you stand out. However, be professional at all times and avoid excess wording or heavy jargon. Be sure to include the following information:

  • your qualifications
  • what you tutor
  • who you tutor
  • your location
  • your contact info

Triple check that all your information is accurate before printing.

Distribute your marketing material to the specific locations that your ideal client frequents. For example, if you tutor school children, you should place adverts on school bulletin boards and in educational publications for their parents to read. Ask school receptionists if you can leave a few business cards with them. Consider visiting specific neighborhoods to place marketing material directly in their mailboxes. With permission, you could also attend public school meetings, seminars, conferences, fairs and festivals to introduce yourself to parents and teachers while distributing business cards.

Online advertising

In today’s modern world, an online presence is essential. Consider advertising your services on your own website, other websites and social media.

Your website

A website is a great investment. It is your own personal space on the internet, dedicated to advertising your services. You can develop your own or make use of website creators that simplify the process for you. Make sure to include information about you, your qualifications, your accomplishments, the subjects you tutor, who you tutor, your location, your availability, your pricing, booking process, testimonials and most importantly, your contact information. If you have a knack for writing, you should consider authoring a blog to share some of your expert knowledge. Most importantly, your website must be user friendly and easy to navigate.

Don’t forget a professional yet friendly photograph of yourself. People want to do business with you, not a faceless corporation, so make sure they can “see” you. The axioms “people do business with people, not companies” and “people do business with people they like, know and trust” are totally true! The more your prospective clients feel like they know you, the more likely they are to trust you. As a result, they are more likely to book your services. Your website is the perfect facilitator for this, so let a bit of your personality shine through.

Other websites

There are numerous directory listing sites and tutoring platforms where you can register your services, either for free or a small fee. Search for the most relevant ones then register your services. These websites are beneficial because they attract your ideal clients and direct them to your own site, therefore increasing traffic and exposure.

Social media

If done correctly, social media genuinely builds trust (like a website) that reinforces your relationships with your audience. It connects you to your clients, increases brand awareness, drives website traffic, generates leads and provides valuable insights.

Only register on the platforms where your ideal client will be able to find you and when registering, ensure that all of your account names or handles (@example) are the same.

YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp are particularly good choices for tutors, however Facebook is a firm favourite. You can create a page dedicated to your business with all of your information. This page can then be used to engage with your audience by posting statuses, doing live videos, sharing articles, creating events, giving recommendations, creating surveys, responding to comments and more. You can also join groups where you can directly interact with your ideal client, such as parent groups, school groups, neighborhood groups, educational groups or your own group!

Organic advertising can get you fairly far, however paid advertising on Facebook is another option to consider as it allows you to carefully select your target audience.

Establishing and maintaining an online presence may seem like overwhelmingly time-consuming work, but we assure you that it is worthwhile! Research shows that millions of shoppers look at a business’s online presence before making a purchase, suggesting that if you are out of sight, you are out of mind!

An online presence is invaluable, so if you have not yet done so, you need to develop a social media strategy right away!

Our top 10 tips for posting on social media:

  1. Dedicate a certain amount of time to each platform.
  2. Establish a posting routine or schedule.
  3. Establish a brand identity that is cohesive across all platforms.
  4. Create content that is valuable, relevant, engaging and informative.
  5. Find a balance between being authentic and being professional.
  6. Don’t overshare or reveal inappropriate personal information.
  7. Don’t be salesy. Limit self-promotion.
  8. Use pictures whenever possible.
  9. Use memorable and unique hashtags.
  10. Post regularly.

We hope you find these tips for how to advertise your tutoring business useful. Happy advertising!

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